Now that recreational cannabis was legalized throughout Canada in October 2018, you may be wondering whether you should continue getting medical cannabis or you can switch to recreational cannabis in the hope that it can also address your health concerns. Here are some compelling reasons why you would be well advised to select medical cannabis rather than recreational marijuana.

You Will Enjoy Tax Benefits

One of the key reasons why you need to choose medical cannabis over recreational cannabis is that Canadian tax law recognizes the costs that you incur on medical cannabis as costs incurred to buy medicine. Consequently, you stand to enjoy tax benefits when you keep all the receipts showing the medical cannabis purchases that you have made throughout the year. This can result in major savings if you use a considerable amount of medical cannabis on a daily basis.

Medical Cannabis is Prepared With Your Health in Mind

Another reason why it makes sense to choose medical cannabis instead of recreational cannabis is that medical cannabis is specially grown and processed to maximize its health benefits.

For example, the CBD concentration in medical cannabis tends to be higher than that in recreational cannabis because CBD has been linked to a host of medical benefits. You therefore stand to realize better outcomes for your health if you use medical cannabis as opposed to using recreational cannabis.

Medical Marijuana Has No Age Restriction

Health Canada has conditions that one must meet in order to access medical marijuana. Those conditions don’t include a minimum age, although a minor may require the presence of a parent or guardian in order to buy medical cannabis at a dispensary.

Individuals who aren’t of age (18 or 19 depending on the specific laws of your area) may therefore be better off choosing medical cannabis because it will be harder for them to try recreational cannabis to manage their health complications.

You May Not Incur Any Cost If You Are a Veteran

Are you one of the men and women who have served this nation in the Canadian Armed Forces? The good news for you is that your country is grateful for your sacrifice and is willing to put its money where its mouth is by meeting your medical cannabis costs.

The only condition imposed is that the cannabis shouldn’t cost more than $8.5 for each gram purchased. Additionally, Veteran Affairs Canada will also meet the cost of any equipment that is deemed to be necessary as you undergo medication. This means that the cost of acquiring a vaporizer, for example, will not be on you if you need that vaporizer to consume the medical cannabis for which you have a prescription. Veterans who use recreational cannabis cannot even dream of making Veteran Affairs Canada to foot their tab!

It is Easier to Access Medical Marijuana Advice

Patients who use medical cannabis to deal with their health challenges can now access medical advice easily. For example, at, we can help you to access a doctor who will listen to all your concerns about medical marijuana in relation to your condition. For example, you can get advice about dosage changes or even recommendations of appropriate marijuana products that can give you better health outcomes.

As you can see, opting for medical marijuana is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Contact us at today and we will help you to obtain a licence to grow medical marijuana in no time.