Now that growing medical marijuana is open to more people, it’s important to know who is eligible. In Canada, many people already have a license to use and carry their medicine wherever they are. Without the license, you will get into trouble with the law. Keep in mind while medical marijuana has been legalized, it’s not for people to just smoke and carry it with them all the time. You have to have been through the process, and it’s not easy.

To legally carry and use medical cannabis, you have to follow the regulations set forth with the ACMPR Licence. The Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations are the only way you can legally carry, use and grow marijuana.

If you are new to using medical marijuana you need to be diagnosed by a doctor and that doctor needs to prescribe medical cannabis to you. The decision to use marijuana as part of your treatment is now up to just you and your doctor.  

The ACMPR makes it so no one else has to get involved. The physician who gives you the prescription has to be in good standing with the RCPSC and have a license to practice medicine that is up to date and valid. You will have to fill out a form with that information on it and send it to the ACMPR along with your application.

Sine if the ailments you’ll find is treated by marijuana are; anxiety, back pain, cancer, colitis, depression, PTSD, eating disorders, migraines, Hepatitis C, sleeping issues, spinal injuries and many more. There are certain case-by-case scenarios where a doctor may see quality of life will be improved by subscribing cannabis to their patient. Using marijuana for pain is mimicking chemicals our body already makes that act in the same way. Cannabis works with those same chemicals to make them more effective. Using this form of treatment can help calm your mind as well as your body.

If you’re eligible to apply to the ACMPR for a medical marijuana license to grow then you will need to pass a rigorous application and inspection processes. Once you provide your name, address, and the number of plants you think you’ll need, forms will be sent to you to fill out for security clearance and some other things to help the people reviewing your application determine your eligibility.