In the past two decades, Canada has legalized the use of cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes.

Since then, the widespread use and acceptance of marijuana have led to increased investment in cannabis stock. Therefore, investing in cannabis stock is an easy way to watch your money grow.

Here are some of the top cannabis stock on the market today:

Aurora Cannabis

ssAurora Cannabis specializes in the production and sale of dry cannabis and cannabis oil. This company is well-known because it produces some of the world’s safest, high-quality medical marijuana. With facilities located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, it is no wonder the company can produce healthy, high-quality plants.

As it relates to stock, Aurora Cannabis is one of the best cannabis stock companies to invest in. Ever since its introduction in 2016, the value of the stock has increased exponentially at an impressive 347% in just its first year.

Growth is steady, and Aurora Cannabis has seen an increase of 292% in 2018.

Canopy Growth Corporation

This company’s goal is to produce the most affordable, yet high-quality marijuana for its users. Even Snoop Dogg has affiliations with this company through the brand ‘Tweed’.

 Owing to its many supply agreements, this company will definitely see more growth in the years to follow. Additionally, once Canada finalizes regulations its regulations for cannabis edibles, the launch of Canopy’s cannabis-infused beverages are predicted to be nothing short of a hit.

The legalization of hemp in the United States is also another market for Canopy Growth Corporation to tap into and begin to expand its operations. Experts predict that the hemp market will soar upwards of $22 billion by 2022, so keep this company in mind when you are ready to invest.

CannTrust Holdings Inc

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CannTrust has one of the largest cultivation facilities in Canada located in the Niagra region. The company also has partnerships with one of Canada’s premier pharmaceutical companies, Appotex Inc making it one of the leading pharmaceutical cannabis companies in Canada. It is also one of the smartest investments when it comes to cannabis stock.

Its number one priority is to provide medical cannabis users will all the knowledge they need. This will allow them to select the best products for themselves. Some of its products include THC capsules, CBD capsules, dried cannabis, oil extractions and some much more.

Namaste Technologies Inc

This company is more focused on the eCommerce aspect of the medical marijuana business. It has 32 sites, operating in 20 different countries. Namaste added CannMart Inc, a distribution company located in Toronto to its portfolio in 2017. It is responsible for helping Namaste with its retail distribution.

OrganiGram Holdings


OrganiGram Holding’s portfolio includes anything from dried cannabis to cannabis oil, along with a wide variety of vaporizers. This company produces various strains of safe, organic, high-quality cannabis, with different concentrations of CBD and THC.

If you value quality, OrganiGram is possibly a choice for you.


The Cronos Group

The Cronos Group has a number of companies under its belt. Additionally, The Cronos Group invests in various growers and companies in the cannabis business. The company is expected to see tremendous growth ss a result of recreational marijuana being legalized in Ontario. So, its probably better to get in early while you still can.

The Hexo Corporation

The Hexo Corporation is the only marijuana provider located in the Quebec province. Here, residents aren’t allowed to grow recreational marijuana , so French Canadians especially should consider investing in Hexo stock.

This company prides itself on being able to educate Canadians on the benefits to cannabis. This allows them to discover the best choice for them for both recreational and medical purposes.