The number of Canadians who grow marijuana has increased drastically in the last decade. This is due to Ontario’s new legislation which allows residents of the province to grow four marijuana plants for recreational purposes, along with the granting of  ACMPR licenses to enable persons to grow medicinal marijuana legally.

If you are interested in growing healthy cannabis plants in Canada, pay keen attention to the following tips:


In order for any plant to grow, light is needed to facilitate the process of photosynthesis. This is the plant’s light-dependent stage of growth. This should last for about 12 hours. The lights used should be LED or HPS bulbs. Fit the walls and ceilings of the room with reflective surfaces in order to maximize and intensify the amount of light received during the light stages.

For the other 12 hours, the plants should be in complete darkness in order to guarantee proper flowering. To prevent any light from reaching the plants during the nighttime hours, make your room light proof by covering transparent areas.


Exhaust Fan, Extraction, Ceiling

For plants to grow, there needs to be a sufficient supply of air in the room. This allows stale air to escape. To ensure proper air circulation, use vents to allow air to escape and to enter the room. The air that escapes should pass through a carbon filter to reduce the potency of its smell. You may also install fans to keep the air circulating properly.

If you can afford to, consider investing in a CO2 generator. This will ensure that your plants have a constant and reliable supply or carbon dioxide to photosynthesize.


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When it comes to watering your plants, this can actually make or break them. You have to know when to water them, how much water they will need, the pH of the water used and the temperature of the water used.

This means you will have to get to know your plants as early as possible. You can tell if your plants need to be watered is by looking at its leaves. If they are droopy, the plant is thirsty. You can also tell that the plant needs to be watered if the soil has cracks.

The amount of water needed ultimately depends on the size of the pot you use. The pH of the water can be between 5.5 and 7, but the perfect pH is actually around 6.2. Invest in products which help to maintain pH levels to ensure that the proper levels are maintained. You should also buy a pH meter which will help you to adjust the pH to the correct levels.

The temperature of the water also affects the health of your plants. If the water is too hot or too cold, it can actually shock your plants. Ideally, the temperature of the water used to water your plants should be between 60 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit.


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Similar to the temperature of the water, the temperature of the room can also affect the health of your plants. Based on your location, you should consider purchasing a heating or cooling system to maintain a constant temperature, not lower than 64 degrees, but not higher than 86 degrees. This ideal temperature 75 degrees.


Along with light, water, temperature, and aeration, plants need nutrients to be healthy. These nutrients include phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium and come in a variety of blends to suit your every need. Just be sure to not give your plants too many nutrients as this can also affect their health.

Whatever your reason or purpose for growing marijuana may be, these tips are sure to help you to grow healthy cannabis plants in Canada.