While recreational cannabis became legal throughout Canada on October 17, 2018, the federal government simply availed a legal framework for legalization and left the different provinces and territories to enact their own rules regarding the way in which recreational cannabis legalization would be implemented. Consequently, the onus is on you to learn the different applicable rules in each province or territory. Read on and learn the salient points in the rules governing recreational cannabis in Quebec.

The Age Limit

Upon the legalization of recreational cannabis late last year, the then provincial government set the minimum age at 18. However, the incoming government tabled legislative amendments to shift that age limit upwards to 21 arguing that there was scientific evidence to the effect that growing brains can suffer irreparable damage due to cannabis consumption.

It is therefore vital that you cross check the age limit if you plan to travel to Quebec so that you don’t run afoul of the existing age restrictions there.

Where to Consume Cannabis

Again, there is quite some confusion about the places where one can legally enjoy recreational cannabis. The provincial rules passed in 2018 allowed cannabis consumption in nearly all public spaces, except near schools, parks, wading pools and other places where kids are likely to be.

However, many boroughs passed their own rules banning cannabis consumption in all public places. The current provincial government wants to remove this confusion by passing general rules banning cannabis consumption in all public places so that visitors and residents don’t have to navigate the conflicting rules enacted by the different local authorities.

Retail Locations

In Quebec, only the stores run by Societe Quebecoise du Cannabis are mandated to sell recreational cannabis and by the end of 2018, a total of 20 retail stores had opened across the province. You can search online for the nearest SQDC store and you will be pointed to the nearest recreational cannabis store.

Alternatively, you can buy your supply from an online store, also run by SQDC. However, the product will only be handed to you once you provide proof that you are of age. And, no cannabis will be left at your address if no one is there to receive it.

Are Edibles Available?

At the moment, you will not be able to buy cannabis edibles in the recreational cannabis stores within Quebec. This is because the federal law legalizing recreational cannabis didn’t include cannabis edibles among the products that would be available immediately. However, there was a promise to pass appropriate laws governing cannabis edibles within a year after recreational cannabis became legal.

Cannabis Possession Limits

In Quebec, you can only buy a maximum of 30 grams of dried marijuana or its equivalent. That also happens to be the limit that you can possess in public.

At home, the maximum amount of cannabis that can be kept is 150 grams. This limit remains the same regardless of how many adults live in your home.

Growing Cannabis for Personal Use

Under Quebec cannabis law, no one is allowed to grow cannabis for recreational use. However, the federal cannabis law allows individuals to grow a maximum of four plants for their own use. It is therefore possible for you to challenge this specific Quebec rule in court since it goes contrary to the national cannabis laws.

Another option that you can consider is to contact us at ACMPRlicence.ca for help in getting a licence to grow your own medical cannabis. In this way, you can get permission to grow as many plants as you think you need for your daily needs.

Cannabis Use at Work

The law in Quebec permits employers to conduct random drugs tests and act upon the results, including terminating an employee found to be under the influence while at work. You should therefore avoid thinking that you are free to indulge while at work just because recreational cannabis is legal in the province and the country.

Driving After Consuming Cannabis

You should refrain from driving after you have consumed marijuana. This is because the substance will impair your ability to drive. Any police officer who suspects that you are driving under the influence of cannabis will pull you over and request you to perform certain sobriety tests. When you fail those tests, you will be taken to the police station where additional tests will be administered in addition to taking a sample of your urine for analysis.

The penalties that may be imposed on you are similar to those for drunk-driving. These include having your driver’s licence suspended for at least a year as well as paying a hefty fine.

As already mentioned, the cannabis laws in Quebec may vary from one local authority to another, and those rules are in constant flux. It is therefore prudent for you to update yourself with the latest information if you are about to travel to Quebec. Remember, ignorance of the law is no defence! At ACMPRlicence.ca, we shall do whatever we can to give you the latest information on any rule changes, but it doesn’t hurt to do your own research too.