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 How many grams per day you would like, or how many plants? (see options below)

 What is your medical condition?

Is this a new prescription, or a renewal? If this is a renewal, what is your current amount and how much would       you like to increase to?

So you’re ready to start growing? You’ve come to the right place. We specialize in helping people who need high plant counts, or those that have had trouble in the past with doctors not prescribing to them.

All we need to issue your prescription is a valid photo ID. We do not require any medical history of any kind unless you need 100 grams per day! Guaranteed approval for everyone in less than 5 minutes.

Here’s how to get started:


 How many grams per day you would like, or how many plants? (see options below)

 What is your medical condition?

Is this a new prescription, or a renewal? If this is a renewal, what is your current amount and how much would       you like to increase to?

Our prices are below – pay for anyone and get the other one FREE

5 grams per day – $200 (25 Indoor plants, or 10 Outdoor plants)

10 grams per day – $300 (49 Indoor plants, or 19 Outdoor plants)

20 grams per day = $400 (98 Indoor plants, or 38 Outdoor plants)

30 grams per day = $600 (146 Indoor plants, or 57 Outdoor plants)

40 grams per day = $700 (195 plants indoors or 76 Outdoor plants)

50 grams per day = $800 (244 Indoor plants, or 95 Outdoor plants) <- Most Popular

60 grams per day = $1000 (292 Indoor plants, or 114 Outdoor plants)

70 grams per day = $1200 (341 Indoor plants, or 133 Outdoor plants)

80 grams per day = $1500 (390 Indoor plants, or 152 Outdoor plants)


If you have questions, please read through the FAQ below before replying

Is this a scam?

We get asked this every day and do not take offence to the question. The answer is no, it’s not. You can see here a lot of people whom we have helped. We are a registered Canadian Corporation that charges, and pays taxes. We advertise on social media that are quick to shut down reported fraud. If we were taking advantage of people, we would have been shut down long ago. We have now done over 1000 prescriptions, we wouldn’t be in business if we were dishonest in any way!

I don’t have any medical records, can I still be prescribed?

The answer is yes. All we need is a photo ID and you’re all set.

How will I see the doctor?

We are able to help Canadians coast to coast with doctor appointments over Skype.

Why do I have to pay for this, isn’t healthcare free?

We are a consulting company, you are paying us to act on your behalf to build your case for a doctor. The doctor is not paid by us, and you are not paying a doctor. We have spent years finding our doctors who prescribe high limits, and they do not deal with the public. We spend hours building your case and presenting it to the doctor before the appointment. Our prices are based on the complexity of the files.

How long does this take?

If you have a valid photo ID, and are fast with filling out this form online here, we could have you on a Skype call with the doctor the same day! If you are slower at getting us what we need, then, of course, the process will take a bit longer. It is up to you how fast we get this done.

How long before Health Canada sends my licence?

Unfortunately we have no control over Health Canada wait times. These are usually a minimum of 3 – 9 weeks, can be a bit longer. Once you have it though, you won’t need to wait for it again. It is worth the wait.

Does it matter what province I live in?

We work with every province, coast to coast. Our doctor will speak to you over Skype. We will work around your timezone to find a time that works best for you.

Can you help with setting up a grow space?

At this time we don’t

How long does the licence last for?

By law, a doctor can prescribe the medical plant for a maximum of 1 year. We always will prescribe you for the maximum amount of time.

Will I need to renew this licence?

Yes, you will want to start the renewal process about 6-8 weeks before the licence expires. Note: this may not be the same 1 year from now when you renew.

What if I have a criminal record, can I still grow?

Health Canada has stated that those with a criminal charge for medical plant related offence from the last 10 years won’t be able to be a DESIGNATED GROWER. You will still be able to grow personally for yourself.

**If you would like to move forward, or just have a couple of questions, let me know and we will go from there**

No Medical History Required - Cheap Renewals - ​ Everyone Is Approved -- Up to 500 Plants
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