Prince Edward Island is beautiful, and this is all the greater due to the province’s location on the water.

Visitors and residents alike can never have enough of the attractions that the island offers. These include Confederation Bridge and Prince Edward Island National Park.

In October 17, 2018 the federal government legalized recreational weed across the nation, and you can now smoke weed on Prince Edward Island.

However, you should remember that the cannabis laws aren’t uniform throughout the country, so Prince Edward Island has its own set of rules carved out of the federal Cannabis Act.

Here are some of the most important things that you need to know about the Prince Edward Island cannabis rules.

The Legal Age to Consume Weed

You can buy and consume marijuana on Prince Edward Island as long as you are 19 or older.

This is the legal age limit that was set in the Cannabis Act, so it should not surprise you if many parts of the nation have this as the minimum age at which one can smoke weed.

Those caught selling cannabis to minors face fines or even imprisonment. Minors found smoking weed can also be fined or charged.

Where to Buy Marijuana on Prince Edward Island

The PEICMC (Prince Edward Island Cannabis Management Corporation) is responsible for managing and selling recreational cannabis to residents and visitors.

So far, there are four retail outlets on the island.

If there isn’t a retail outlet near you, just get online and order what you want from the stores run by the PEICMC.

Whether online or offline, adults of age can buy dry cannabis, cannabis seeds and cannabis oil from the PEICMC outlets.

Weed Possession Laws

As already mentioned, many provinces and territories adopted the cannabis rules passed at the federal level.

It is therefore not surprising that Prince Edward Island has a weed possession limit of 30 grams, which is also the maximum amount you can buy in one transaction.

However, you are free to keep as much marijuana at home as you want, although Prince Edward Island may change this rule later on.

Where to Smoke Weed on Prince Edward Island

Sadly, the only place where you can legally smoke marijuana is in the privacy of your home.

However, there are some few public places that allow people to smoke weed. Check for such locations before you light your joint while away from home.

For those living in rented premises, check to confirm that the landlord allows smoking weed on the premises.

Also, don’t smoke weed while you are in your car. You will be arrested and charged.

Growing Weed at Home

The Cannabis Act has a provision that allows Canadians to grow four plants for recreational use. Many provinces and territories also picked this provision, and Prince Edward Island is no different.

Note that the four plants are per household, so don’t try to multiply that number by the number of adults in your home.

You also need to be aware that the four plants that you grow on your property shouldn’t be in the common areas of the home. The grow area should be designated and removed from the common areas.

Do you think four plants is such a small number for your needs? There is another way.

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