When the Cannabis Act was passed in 2018, it included all the general rules and regulations for cannabis production, distribution, and sale. However, the various provinces and territories were tasked with implementing the act in their own regions. This is why there is some variation across the board.

Let us take a look at the New Brunswick cannabis rules and delve into all you need to know about buying and consuming cannabis here:

Age Limit


According to the Cannabis Act, persons age 18 and older can consume cannabis.

However, in New Brunswick, the legal age to grow, buy and possess cannabis is 19. As a result, underaged persons caught with the substance could face fines or criminal charges. Additionally, adults who give, sell, or assist an underaged person in growing cannabis could face serious punishment.



Where To Consume Cannabis


Generally, smoking cannabis in public or in a parked or moving motor vehicle is against the law.

In New Brunswick, smoking or consuming cannabis is forbidden everywhere, except a private home or private land. Therefore, persons are free to consume cannabis at home or in their backyard.

If persons wish to consume cannabis at another residence, they must receive express permission from the owner of the residence.

Landlords reserve the right to prohibit the growth and smoking of cannabis on their property, but they cannot restrict overall cannabis consumption (such as in the form of teas and oils).

To do so, the Residental Tenancies Tribunal recommends that these landlords expressly state their expectations and restrictions in the leases.

They also expect tenants to be informed about their rights and responsibilities. So, unless the lease specifically says you cannot grow or smoke cannabis, you are permitted to do so in your rental unit.

As it relates to inns, hotels, and campgrounds, owners reserve the right to restrict or ban smoking and vaping on their grounds. However, banning overall consumption is a bit tricky as cannabis can come in many forms, usually indistinguishable from regular food items.

Where You Can Buy Cannabis

In New Brunswick, the only legal place one can purchase cannabis is through Cannabis NB. Persons under the age of 19 are not allowed to enter the stores or access their merchandise as passing through reception includes an ID check.

These stores are not allowed to have visible decoration or advertising outside of the store.

Persons age 19 and above can purchase recreational cannabis online through Cannabis NB and deliveries can only be made within New Brunswick.

Dispensaries that were illegal prior to the passing of the cannabis act remain illegal Purchases made here will be considered illegal.

Purchases from online websites other than Cannabis NB are also illegal.

Cannabis Possession Limit


Residents who are aged 19 and older are legally allowed to buy up to 30 grams of cannabis. They are also allowed to have 30 grams of dried cannabis or its equivalent on their person outside of their homes.

At home, they are allowed to grow up to four cannabis plants.

If cannabis plants are grown indoors, they must be secured and separate from living quarters and minors. If cannabis plants are grown outdoors, they must be secured behind an enclosure that is at least 1.52 meters high.

For medical marijuana, there is no restriction on how much cannabis you can keep on your home storage.

Medical Cannabis

The rules regarding medical cannabis in New Brunswick remain the same.

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