The postcard beauty of the province of Manitoba, Canada just got even better for residents and visitors alike with the legalization of recreational cannabis.

However, before you light up a joint, make sure that you know all the applicable Manitoba cannabis rules so that you don’t get any problems of the legal kind. Here’s a rundown of the major Manitoba cannabis rules.

Who Can Use Weed in Manitoba?

If you are at least 19 years of age, go ahead and buy or use recreational cannabis in Manitoba. Any retailer found selling pot to people younger than 19 risks serious penalties that may include the revocation of your retail licence.

Where Can You Buy Pot in Manitoba?

In Manitoba, you can only obtain legal weed from the different stores run by the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba (LGCA).

Private retailers can also sell cannabis, but only after going through a rigorous licensing process to confirm that the applicant will adhere to all the Manitoba cannabis rules, such as not selling to minors.

The LGCA periodically opens windows during which interested people can apply to get a licence to sell cannabis as retailers. If you are interested, keep checking their website so that you don’t miss such an opportunity when it becomes available.

Where Can You Use Weed Legally In Manitoba?

Manitoba has one of the most strict cannabis consumption rules in Canada. The only place where you can legally use weed is in the privacy of your home.

And, you may not even be free to smoke a joint in your home if you live in a rental property. Check if your landlord has no objection to cannabis use on his or her property, and then enjoy to your heart’s content once you get the all clear.

If you own the property, by all means enjoy away!

What Are the Cannabis Possession Rules in Manitoba?

The maximum amount of cannabis that you can buy in Manitoba in one transaction is 30 grams. This means that the maximum amount of weed that you can have on you in public is one ounce (30 grams).

However, there is no limit regarding the amount of cannabis you can have in your home. The only condition here is that the weed should have been bought from legally recognized sources.

Can You Grow Your Own Recreational Weed in Manitoba?

Unfortunately, you can’t.

Manitoba is one of the few provinces or territories that doesn’t allow residents to grow their own recreational cannabis.

This restriction doesn’t make sense, but it is what it is.

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