Ever since the legalization of recreational marijuana nationwide, more and more Canadians have taken up the hobby of growing their own cannabis plants at home. Residents in every province can grow up to four recreational cannabis plants per household for their own use and persons have even begun to grow and sell cannabis for medicinal purposes.

To grow marijuana for medicinal purposes, you will have to of course obtain your ACMPR License, which will allow you to grow more than just four plants! You will also be able to sell these plants and earn an income.

But, before you just go ahead and toss some seeds into a pot or a hole, you have to note that growing marijuana is not so simple and it can be quite costly. You will have to factor in getting proper seeds, the right equipment and lights, tents, and electricity costs into your budget. And, if you are on a tight budget, you will have to be smart and creative when going about growing cannabis.  

If you or anyone you know are interested in setting up a grow room, here are a few tips that are sure to help you stay within a tight budget:

Choosing a Tent

If you are growing your cannabis under a tent, then you will have to research the best tents on the market today. Surely you will come across a variety of tents, at varied prices and may draw the conclusion that the most expensive tent is the best tent for your plants. But this is not so. While more expensive tents may be made of sturdier materials and are more aesthetically pleasing, what matters is how airtight and light tight the tent is.

So, if a cheaper tent fits this description, then go with that tent. And, if any issues arise, you can use reflective tape and other materials to mend the tent to ensure it meets all the plant’s requirements.   

Using Your Grow Lights Only At Night


Plants need an average of twelve hours of sunlight, and twelve hours of darkness every day. So, you can expect to have on your grow lights for twelve hours straight which will, in turn, increase your electricity bill.  

What many people don’t realize is that in many countries, including Canada, electricity is actually cheaper at night, because these are off-peak hours. Therefore, you should only use your grow lights at this time in order to save money.




Do Not Splurge On Fancy Fertilizers

Fertilization is an integral part of plant growth but you do not need a big name or fancy fertilizer for your plants to grow. The truth is, many fancy fertilizers are overpriced simply because of the brand name. What you will find in cheaper brands, are often the same ingredients in more expensive brands. Just be on the lookout for what you really need and you can save a lot of money.

Another option is to buy each of the nutrients your plants need. Then, simply mix them yourself. All you need are the correct proportions, the right ingredients and a bit of time.

Using Free Seeds


Often times, seed companies will give their customers some free seeds with their purchase. Many people don’t even give them a chance and simply throw them away. Because you are on a budget, these free seeds could really save you some money and can even give you a surprising yield! This will also give you an opportunity to sample new strains, at little to no cost to you.