With the legalization of marijuana in Canada, the increase in the number of growers was expected for both recreational and medicinal purposes. The first step to growing medicinal marijuana is obtaining your  ACMPR License. This process is pretty easy and in no time, you will be able to legally grow large quantities of medicinal marijuana even at your own home!

The next step to growing medicinal marijuana is choosing your seeds. There are various ways in which you can to obtain seeds nowadays, yet this does not imply that all seeds are the same quality. You simply cannot buy any seeds and anticipate that it should bloom into a fruitful plant with great yields.  

For some great advice on how to pick the correct seeds for you, pay close attention to the following tips:




You will definitely have to decide whether you will develop your plants inside or outside. The vast majority of growers in Canada lean towards indoor growing because it is much easier to control the environment and they can better secure their crops; however, at the same time, it can wind up costs significantly. With open-air crops, there is significantly less environmental control but it is substantially cheaper.  

Before you pick your seeds, you will have to consider if your growing environment will be appropriate. This is because certain strains are more progressive indoors situations while others seem to like it outside.


If you know you are impatient, and simply need to begin smoking the plant ASAP then you have to consider this when picking your seeds. For instance, Sativa strains generally take longer than Indica to be ready for harvest, but it is definitely worth the wait. If you are willing, then you will have to wait through a long period of flowering,  

In the event that you realize you need to harvest in eight to ten weeks, pick your seeds appropriately. Some quick growing strains include Critical Kush, OG Kush, and Purple Cheese. Be sure to research the strain and ask your vendors the appropriate questions before you purchase or plant the seeds.


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The main concern people have when they smoke marijuana is whether or not it will get them high. The reality is, there are various kinds of highs. You will have to decide what kind of high you want, in order to choose the right seed as certain strains give certain highs.





The most ideal approach to ensuring that your seeds aren’t duds is by acquiring them from a reputable vendor.  There are a lot of seed merchants out there, but they do not all have the same standards. By choosing to buy seeds from a reputable seller, the chances of growing a male plant decreases significantly.

On the other hand, choosing to buy seeds from the first buyer you see is quite risky. These seeds may be male and can even develop into hermaphrodites which can greatly affect your growing operation.