When it comes to the topic of CBD, or Cannabidiol, there is a lot of information circulating. However, not all of it is actually accurate. In Canada, where smoking and growing marijuana for recreational purposes is legal, this is usually the case.

In this article, we will look at some of the most common myths about CBD and look at some of the facts.  

CBD Does Not Show Up In Drug Tests

Persons who have to do drug tests in the near future should be aware that trace amounts of THC found can be found in some CBD products. This will, in fact, show up in urinalysis and may raise a few questions.

To avoid this, be sure to avoid full-spectrum CBD products. These products are made with the entire cannabis plant and will, in fact, contain trace amounts of THC.

An alternative is consuming CBD isolate. This is a pure crystalline powder which is contains 99% pure CBD. You may also opt to consume broad spectrum CBD products that reduced THC content.

CBD Makes You High


When you smoke marijuana, you will often times experience a high feeling. This comes from the THC in the plant, not the CBD. But this does not mean that CBD has no effect on the body, or is non-psychoactive.

In fact, CBD relaxes the mind and body and stimulates the 5-HT1 serotonin receptors which are responsible for helping you relax and the TRPV1/vanilloid receptors which regulate body temperature, inflammation and pain perception.

The effects of this are a reduction in anxiety, relaxation and a boost in one’s mood.

All CBD Is The Same, Or Similar

To this day, CBD is still unrecognized by the FBD. As a result, the regulations on the market are largely lax and open to pretty much anyone.

For this reason, consumers are unable to differentiate between CBD products of high quality and standards, versus ones that aren’t and many people end up having bad experiences with CBD.

CBD Is Only Used For Medical Purposes


While CBD is great for alleviating some of the symptoms of various medical conditions, this is not its only use.

CBD can be used for recreational purposes and recreational users can also benefit from feelings of relaxation, a boost in productivity and even alertness.



The More CBD You Take, The Stronger The Effects Are

While this is true for many other things, it is not true for CBD. In fact, taking too much can lessen its effects. (Luckily one cannot fatally overdose on CBD).

There is a sort of art to taking CBD. One has to start with a lower dose and work their way up until they find the right dose for them. This is what is called their “sweet spot” and it differs from person to person.

CBD is just a sedative


It is true that CBD can be used as a sedative and can, in fact, make you sleepy, but this is not the case for all CBD products.

In fact, the reason certain CBD products have a sedative effect is that the concentration of CBD is very high and contains substances such as terpene and myrcene. These cause sleepiness.

All you need to do is locate products without these substances, to enjoy other benefits which will better suit your needs.

CBD is legal in all of North America

As you know, marijuana is legal in all of Canada. However, this is not the case for the United States. Laws vary on a state by state basis and you will have to do some research before purchasing and consuming CBD products.

Science does not support CBD

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Because CBD has become so popular, there was a call to research the claims put forward by doctors. In fact, there have been several studies which have concluded that CBD is extremely beneficial to patients who suffer from a variety of ailments.

In fact, it has also been discovered that persons of all ages stand to benefit from consuming CBD as it is safe and non-toxic.

These include childhood epilepsy including seizures, which has seen an increase in the number of child consumers and patients who suffer from various anxiety disorders.




Which common myths did you believe?