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  • How to Make Your Payment

We only accept email money transfers (EMT E-Transfer) as a payment option or PayPal. (let us know if you rather use PayPal)

  • Step 1: Add a recipient to your account ( Delroy )
  • Step 2: E-Transfer E-mail
  • Step 3: Choose the transfer amount based on the number of desired plants you want below:
100 grams per day – $2500 (487 Indoor plants, or 190 Outdoor plants)

80 grams per day = $1800 (390 Indoor plants, or 152 Outdoor plants)

50 grams
 per day – $800 (244 Indoor plants, or 95 Outdoor plants)
40 grams per day – $700 (195 Indoor plants, or 76 Outdoor plants)

30 grams per day – $600 (146 Indoor plants, or 57 Outdoor plants)

20 grams per day – $400 (98 Indoor plants, or 38 Outdoor plants)

10 grams per day – $300 (49 Indoor plants, or 19 Outdoor plants)

5 grams per day – $200 (25 Indoor plants, or 10 Outdoor plants)
  • Step 4: In the description please put the first and last name of the recipient applying for the licence.
  • Step 5: Use security question Use security question “What is another name for cannabis?” with the answer “Ganja2019”
  • What Happens After the Payment is Made?

Once your payment is made, your consultation booking will be confirmed.

After we receive the documents from the medical practitioner, we’ll mail you the prescription – this takes 1- 3 days to arrive to your address.

Money Back Guaranteed!

We guarantee you a licence for the number of plants you require or your money back guaranteed.

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