You may be having so many questions about the process to renew your ACMPR licence to grow your own medical cannabis. At, we have compiled all the answers to the questions we are frequently asked so that you can have a hassle-free process of renewing your licence to grow medical cannabis.

Question #1: Which Documents Are Required During the Renewal Process?

The documents that you need in order to renew your ACMPR licence often vary from one clinic or doctor to another. For example, some clinics will request you to furnish them with records of your medical history while another clinic may ask you to get a referral from a specialist.

At, all we require is a government-issued photo ID that we can use to process the renewal of your ACMPR licence and even increase your plant count, if you so desire.

Question #2: Is It Possible to Increase the Plant Count I Can Legally Grow?

As already mentioned, we can help you to increase the number of cannabis plants that you can grow. All that you need is to let us know what your requirements are as you get ready to renew your ACMPR licence.

A word of caution here, some doctors or clinics may have their own limits of how many grams per day they can prescribe for the people who apply for ACMPR licence renewal through their clinics. It is therefore wise to inquire about such caps before you work with a particular clinic or doctor during the licence renewal process.

Question #3: Can I Use My Old Prescription?

Unfortunately, the prescription that you used to obtain your ACMPR licence had a validity period of 12 months, so you will need to get another prescription as you renew your Health Canada licence permitting you to grow your own medical cannabis.

This may seem unfair, but when you consider that doctors typically write prescriptions that don’t exceed one month, then you can realize that a prescription lasting a year is a rare thing. But not to worry, getting a prescription from one of our doctors at is as simple as making a call. In fact, we can have your brand new prescription in the mail a day or so after you have reached out to us.

We recommend that you start working on renewing your medical cannabis grow licence at least three months before it is due to expire. This duration is recommended because you can never predict how long Health Canada will take to process your paperwork. Starting the process at the last minute can set you up for some anxious weeks if the new licence isn’t processed quickly.

Question #4: Do I Have to Stick With One Doctor?

There is no requirement for you to use the same doctor or clinic when renewing your ACMPR licence. You have the perfect right to switch doctors if for some reason you no longer feel comfortable working with the doctor that gave you the original prescription which you submitted to Health Canada in order to get your ACMPR licence.

For example, the other doctor or clinic may have taken unnecessarily long to process your prescription. Why not switch to so that we can expedite the process for you?

Question #5: Can I Switch from Growing My Cannabis Indoors to Outdoors?

Yes, you can. The process of renewing your ACMPR licence gives you an opportunity to change your preferences or update your information with Health Canada. For example, you can check the box for growing outdoors or indoors regardless of the choice you had made when you got your licence.

However, note that the number of plants that you may be allowed to grow outdoors may be lower than what you can grow indoors. It is also prudent to wait until you receive your new licence before you can move your plants outdoors or indoors.

Question #6: What Form Do I Fill When Renewing the Licence?

The same form that you used when applying for the ACMPR licence is the same form that you fill out when applying to have your licence renewed. The only difference is that you will check the box for “renewal” rather than “new application.”

While we cannot independently verify the truth behind this, we have heard that you stand a higher chance of having your application to renew the ACMPR licence processed quickly if you indicate “Renewal” on the envelope containing the documents that you submit to Health Canada. There’s no harm in trying this, is there?

We make it our business to understand the different ACMPR requirements so that you don’t have to. Still have questions? Get in touch with us so that we can help you to keep doing what you do best, growing your own medical cannabis.