Canada is one of the few countries in the world that have legalized both recreation and medical marijuana. Since then, residents have taken advantage of this privilege and have grown cannabis in their own homes!

The new laws that are in place state that residents are allowed to grow up to four cannabis plants for recreational purposes. However, persons who use cannabis for medical treatment can grow so much more! After all, it makes no sense to limit persons who require large quantities of cannabis to only four plants.

To do this, a resident has to complete an ACMPR application to receive a license to grow medical cannabis in Canada. The process is relatively easy and once the license is approved, all you have to do is check the mail to start growing!

While most people would jump at the idea of planting their own medical marijuana, others still have reservations and need a bit more convincing.

That’s fine. Here are 5 reasons why you should grow your own medical marijuana:

You can grow more marijuana


As aforementioned, persons with ACMPR licenses can grow more than four cannabis plants legally. This number can go up to as high as 450 and from there you are free to turn the plants into any form you want, from juices to oils to candy.





You get to choose your own strains


There are many strains of marijuana that can help with medical issues and symptoms such as anxiety, nausea, and sleeplessness. Most persons who suffer from these symptoms typically have an idea of which strains work best for them.

Sometimes, however, dispensaries simply run out, especially if the strain is extremely popular and the patient has a suffer through these symptoms until they can get some relief.

By opting to grow your own medical marijuana, you can choose the strain you prefer and always have it at hand for when you need it.

You won’t have to go to the cannabis clinic


One of the drawbacks of having to consume medical marijuana is the back and forth trips to the clinic to get what you need. This cannabis is typically way more expensive than it ought to be and can even be in short supply.

This can, over time, make a dent in your pockets from the actual price of the marijuana to the transportation costs of the back and forth trips.

The lines can also be long and annoying, and sometimes when you are sick, you just can’t be bothered with dealing with other persons.

By growing your own medical marijuana, all you have to do is go into wherever you have stored your harvested and dried plants and have a smoke.


It could turn into a hobby

Think of growing marijuana like gardening. Isn’t it a hobby of many? In time, you will find that growing your own medical marijuana can be fun and very rewarding.

You could also tend to the plants with others and form a little club.

You will know exactly what is in it

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These days, many persons use chemicals to grow their marijuana faster and to protect against pests. Though the negative effects are not readily noticeable in humans, they can be observed over time. If grown outdoors, these chemicals seep into the soil and contaminate groundwater supply.

By growing your own medical cannabis, you have complete control over everything that happens to your plants and you can use organic nutrients and pest control methods that will ensure both you and the environment are safe from the various harmful effects cultivation can have on the environment.