While people have been growing medical cannabis in Canada for nearly two decades, there are some facts that a lot of people don’t know about the medical cannabis program.

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Having said that, here are some Health Canada Medical cannabis facts you may have not known.

Fact #1: A Health Canada Medical Cannabis Licence Can Allow You to Grow Up to 463 Plants


According to the Cannabis Act that legalized recreational marijuana, each household is only allowed to grow a maximum of four cannabis plants.

But, did you know that an ACMPR licence obtained from Health Canada can allow you to grow up to 463 marijuana plants for your medical needs?

Health Canada recognizes that patients taking medical marijuana may need a lot of weed on a daily basis, so it created a provision for such patients to grow a lot more than is allowed for recreational purposes.

The number of plants you may be allowed to grow depends on how many grams of cannabis you need each day. A plant calculator on the Health Canada website can help you to get a quick answer in this regard.

At ACMPRlicence.ca, we can help you to obtain a doctor’s prescription for the number of grams of weed that you need each day for your treatment. With that prescription, Health Canada will give you your grow licence in no time!

Fact #2: Health Canada Medical Marijuana Rules Don’t Differ from Region to Region

Recreational marijuana laws differ from one province or territory to another.

For instance, some provinces (Ontario, for example) allow residents to grow a maximum of four plants while other provinces (Quebec, for example) don’t allow residents to grow cannabis for recreational use.

The good news is that it doesn’t matter where you live in Canada if you hold a medical marijuana card or licence to grow.

The rules for medical cannabis are uniform across Canada.

You can therefore obtain a licence to grow medical cannabis while you are living on Prince Edward Island and then grow your medical cannabis when you move to Ontario!

In short, your medical cannabis licence will remain valid in any part of the country until it expires.

Fact #3: The Cannabis Act Brought Major Improvements for Medical Cannabis in Canada

Many on the medical cannabis program were jittery about the possible adverse effect of legalizing recreational cannabis.

When the dust of recreational cannabis legalization settled, the Cannabis Act revealed some serious improvements that medical cannabis patients could enjoy. These include;

  • An increase in the number of sellers of medical cannabis, so patients have a larger pool to choose from when they need weed.
  • The effective date to grow your medical cannabis was changed from the date when a doctor issues your prescription to the date when Health Canada completes processing your application and approves it.
  • There is no limit on how much medical marijuana you can keep within your home.

Fact #4: Health Canada Gives You the Liberty to Designate Another Person to Grow Your Medical Marijuana

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of growing your own medical cannabis but don’t want the hassles associated with cultivating those plants? No problem, you can designate someone else to cultivate the weed for you!

This Health Canada provision is particularly helpful if you are infirm and cannot tend the plants, or you have no idea what is required to grow healthy cannabis plants (and don’t want to be bothered to learn the process).

Fact #5: It Is Easy to Get an ACMPR Licence

On the surface, it may appear that you would have to jump through endless hoops to get a licence to grow 463 cannabis plants.

In fact, it is much easier than you may have thought.

Basically, the process requires you to get a doctor’s prescription, complete some paperwork and send the prescription and the accompanying paperwork to Health Canada.

You can then sit back and wait to receive your licence from Health Canada once your application is approved.

A lot can go wrong during this process, for example when you get the grams wrong and end up with a licence that allows you to grow fewer plants than you need.

Using a medical marijuana service like ACMPRlicence.ca can help you to avoid such mistakes, and you will get everything that you need for the process in one place.

So, get in touch with us and we will get back to you quickly so that the process can begin.