It can be hard for an inexperienced person to find a clinic or a doctor that will understand their need for larger quantities of marijuana for juicing, making edibles or any other consumption method geared at managing a health challenge. However, many clinics exist that understand your dilemma and can help you to secure an ACMPR licence so that you can grow your own medical marijuana in Canada. Here are the four simple steps that GrowCanada will take you through on your way to an ACMPR licence allowing you to grow your own medical cannabis.

Step #1: Select the Right Clinic

Your first, and perhaps most important, task is to find that one clinic that will do a good job of helping you to secure the ACMPR licence without making you pay through the nose, or taking forever to do their part in this simple process.

Some clinics even say they will not charge you for their help, but remember that there is no free lunch. The question that should come to your mind about those “free” clinics is, “how do they stay afloat if they aren’t using your information in ways you wouldn’t approve of?”

You are better off dealing with a clinic that will be upfront about how they stand to benefit (aka, what they charge you) because such a paid service will be duty-bound to protect your data and privacy.

So, do your homework and contact GrowCanada, a clinic whose customer service is excellent and yet their rates are fair or reasonable.

Step #2: Submit the Required Documentation

As already mentioned, finding an appropriate clinic should be your hardest task in this process of obtaining a Health Canada licence to grow medical cannabis. If you can, desist from using the services of a clinic that gives you a long list of documents, such as a recent exam and doctor’s recommendation, which you must avail before they can process your request. Many clinics now only require a valid photo ID issued by the government, as well as an approximate quantity (in grams) that you require each day.

Once again, be wary of clinics that impose a maximum quantity of cannabis that you can use each day. Health Canada imposes no such limit, so there is no legitimate reason why the clinic helping you should restrict your daily cannabis requirement.

Step #3: Have a Video Call With a Doctor

The next step in this process entails the clinic arranging a video call between you and one of their doctors. The best clinics make this call a few days after you have submitted your documents. Others take longer, so your research into possible clinics to use needs to look into how long you will have to wait before you can talk to one of their doctors. The sooner that conversation takes place, the shorter the time to securing your ACMPR licence from Health Canada.

Most clinics use Face-Time or Skype for this video call between the doctor and an applicant for the ACMPR licence. Don’t worry, the call is usually brief (not more than 5 minutes in most cases).

At the end of that call, the doctor will write a prescription that you then submit to Health Canada in order to receive the ACMPR licence allowing you to grow medical cannabis.

Step #4: Receive and Submit the Prescription to Health Canada

The final step in this easy process entails receiving your prescription from the doctor and then mailing that prescription to Health Canada. The prescription is accompanied by a form containing your personal details, such as whether you are a new applicant or you are renewing your ACMPR licence.

Once Health Canada receives the prescription and completed form, they will register you and mail the licence permitting you to grow medical cannabis for personal use.

As you can see, you need not jump through endless hoops, or pay a fortune to obtain an ACMPR licence to grow your own medical cannabis in Canada. If you are ready to kick start the process, contact GrowCanada today and we will make sure that you receive your licence in the shortest time possible.