Have you just applied for your ACMPR licence to grow medical marijuana? While you wait, spend some time learning the rules or regulations that you will be expected to follow as a grower or user of medical marijuana.

Even recreational cannabis users have rules to live by, so it is only normal that some rules would also exist for medical cannabis growers/users. Here are three of them that we at ACMPRlicence.ca felt we needed to draw your attention to.

Cannabis Possession


You should not assume that the cannabis possession rules for medical marijuana are the same as the possession regulations for recreational marijuana.

Recreational users can only have a maximum of 30 grams of weed on them in public, no exceptions.

However, medical cannabis users don’t have a rigid limit on how much they can carry on them in public. The prescription given by one’s doctor determines how much weed such a person can have on them in public.

Health Canada passed regulations that allow a patient to carry a 30-day supply of medical marijuana, as long as that amount doesn’t exceed 150 grams.

In practice, this means that a person with a prescription of 2 grams a day can legally carry up to 60 grams of weed in public.

However, those same regulations cannot allow someone with a prescription of 90 grams a day to carry 2,700 grams on him or her in public. The limit of 150 grams applies in this case.

Remember, always carry your medical cannabis card at all times if you plan to carry more than 30 grams of weed in public.

You can then show your card to anyone, such as a law enforcement official, who asks you why you are carrying more than 30 grams of marijuana on you.

Storage of Marijuana


Once you receive your ACMPR licence, there are rules that you should know about the storage of cannabis in your home.

The coming into force of the Cannabis Act removed any limits on the quantity of medical cannabis that patients could store in their homes.

The only condition is that the cannabis should be stored properly. For example, you should not leave your stash lying in a place where your child can access it.




Growing Marijuana


There are three major things that you need to know about growing marijuana for medical purposes.

First, you need to know that the number of marijuana plants that you can grow will depend on the prescription you received from a doctor.

We should hasten to advise you here that not all doctors or clinics will write you a prescription that can allow you to grow the maximum number of marijuana plants that the law allows.

For instance, you may need 8 grams a day but the clinic tells you that they can only write a prescription of 5 grams a day!

At ACMPRlicence.ca, we don’t such limits and will write a prescription that reflects your medical marijuana needs.

The second thing that you should know about growing medical marijuana is that your ACMPR licence stipulates whether you can grow cannabis outdoors, indoors or a combination of both.

Avoid deviating from the grow method stipulated in your licence. For example, don’t switch from growing the plants indoors to outdoors if you were licensed to grow the cannabis indoors.

If you wish to change, wait until your ACMPR licence is up for renewal. ACMPRlicence.ca can help you to legally switch where you grow your cannabis through the renewal process.

Thirdly, it is also possible for you and some friends to grow medical cannabis in one location.

The law allows a maximum of four individuals with ACMPR licences to grow cannabis in one place as long as there is a clear separation between the plants of each individual.

The cannabis products obtained from such a joint grow operation should also be separated for each individual.

How to Become a Medical Cannabis Grower


As you may know, there are huge benefits to growing your own supply of medical weed, and getting a licence to do this isn’t as complicated as you may think.

First, get a valid prescription from one of our doctors at ACMPRlicence.ca indicating the number of cannabis grams you will require every day.

Next, fill out the paperwork that we give you and send this, together with the prescription, to Health Canada.

Finally, wait and receive your brand new licence by mail from Health Canada. Start growing your cannabis!

Remember, it is important for you to abide by all the existing marijuana for medical purposes rules once you have your licence so that you don’t get into any legal trouble.