In order to grow your own cannabis, you will have to have all the right equipment to do so. Otherwise, it can become more challenging than it needs to be. The right equipment can make or break your cannabis plants and it ultimately decides if the plant will actually thrive or not, and the potency and THC contents of the buds.  

But before you go out and purchase loads of equipment to grow your marijuana, be sure to establish your purpose of growing. If you are growing for recreational purposes, you can legally grow up to four plants per household. If you wish to grow marijuana for medical purposes, you can grow more than four plants, but be sure to obtain your ACMPR License in order to legally grow them.   

Once you have established your purpose of growing, it is time to take a look at four essential pieces of equipment every cannabis grower should have:   


When it comes to growing cannabis, the most common reasons plants fail is due to poor temperature and humidity control.  

white thermostat at 62

If the environment is too hot or too cold, your plants will either die or grow poorly. The optimal temperature for growing rooms is between 65- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit. In order to monitor the temperature and adjust it when needed, you will need a temperature gauge. Just be sure to keep it as far away from the lights as possible, as the heat emitted from the lights will give incorrect readings.  

As it relates to humidity, growing rooms that have high humidity will experience problems such as mildew, rot, and mold. On the other hand, if the humidity is too low. The plants will be dehydrated and thirsty. The optimal humidity for growing rooms is 50%. To monitor this, you will need to invest in a humidity gauge.



Another common mistake some growers make is harvesting their plants too early or too late. This is especially common for newer growers who are excited to harvest their first batch of crops.

To avoid harvesting at the wrong time, examine your plants under a powerful microscope or magnifying glass. Look for cloudy white or amber trichomes (or microscopic hairs). Are they mainly those colours? If so, your plants are ready to be harvested.


Growers also make the mistake of not checking the pH of the water they use to water their plants. If the water is too acidic or too alkaline, the plants will not thrive.  

The optimal pH is 6.2 but can range from 5.5 to 7. Test your water with a digital pH meter. If it does not fall within that range, there are products you can add to the water to increase or decrease the pH.


Marijuana has a very distinct and strong smell. As a result, anyone who comes within close proximity of your home can tell you are a cannabis grower, especially if you grow large amounts of medicinal marijuana.

To reduce the smell, all you need is a carbon filter. This will filter all the contaminants, allergens and odors before it is released outdoors. This way, you will receive minimal complaints from the neighbors, and the likelihood of theft decreases significantly.